Email Correspondence with Councilman Baldwin

From: Laura and Bob
Subject: Land Annexation
Date: April 10, 2018
To: Councilman Jeff Baldwin

Hello Councilman Baldwin,

Mimi Recker wrote to Mayor Drew about the annexation. He told her the General Plan has already been finalized and adopted.

Even if the Council insists on annexing the land now, the annexation agreement should and could contain some limiting language as to future uses there, rather than a carte blanche for the developer(s). Ideally this would include no multi-family dwellings and no basements in houses where flooding is the norm. It also would include plain language about the developer paying for the bridge and for any transportation upgrades which will be needed to manage the added traffic. (Of course, without the multi-family dwellings, there will not be as much traffic as there will be with them included.)

The “open space” in the plat for Jackson’s subdivision is a joke, and the shortened setbacks are cheap and ridiculous looking. When multi-family zoning is introduced and used, the people tend to be much more transient in comparison to homeowners. They tend toward more litter, more junked tricycles in the yard, more motorcycle noise at very late hours and more yelling and loud music. One thing they do NOT do is take care of “appealing” landscaping. It goes to ruin.

Laura and Bob


From: Councilman Jeff Baldwin
Subject: Land Annexation
Date: April 17, 2018
To: Laura and Bob

Hi Laura and Bob,

The general plan is currently in review by city staff, for some reason the mayor wants the city staff to review it. The city council has not adopted it by vote yet. I made the argument several months ago that we should be working on the general plan and transportation plan before spending time on multi-family or other zones. I have opposed multi-family developments, as well as Roy, without design standards in place to protect the community from trash housing as well as other issues. Providence has no need of more multi-family units! I will continue to oppose these types of developments. We have a beautiful city and there is no reason that we should destroy it with poor developments. As far as the Chugg property and the road across spring creek this has been on the master plan for quite a while and I am currently reviewing the engineering to see what is planned. This information was not distributed to the council for review prior to the last council meeting. That is one reason I requested items 3 and 4 be pulled from the agenda.

You can count on me continuing the fight against multi-family in our city.

Councilman Baldwin


From: Laura
Subject: Land Annexation
Date: April 18, 2018
To: Councilman Jeff Baldwin

Dear Jeff,

Thank you ever so much for this response.

As of last week, it is widely known the Jeff Jackson has now announced he much. prefers not to pay for the bridge. We had the understanding that his willingness and commitment to build the bridge were central to the appeal his project had to the City Council (and even the Mayor). Our impression is that elimination of the developer’s willingness to pay for the bridge is a deal-killer. If the Council proceeds to approve the Jackson development plan without the bridge, this would either mean total traffic gridlock and havoc or having the City build a bridge to suit the needs of a developer (about $300,000?).

So current issues are at least:

  • wetlands presence and the Army Corp statement
  • possible flooding of houses built on the Chugg property (as houses built on both sides of the Spring Creek in that very area do now flood)
  • bridge financing
  • the other bridge (when wilt it be built)
  • inappropriate inclusion of multi-family zone proposals in established single-family neighborhoods a rush to judgement for the convenience of the applicant
  • a showing of acceptance (by Jackson) of the annexation by owners of property adjacent to the Chugg property

May I forward your statement to my Providence Watchdogs email list?

Thanks again.




From: Councilman Jeff Baldwin
Subject: Land Annexation
Date: April 22, 2018
To: Laura and Bob


Sure, you may forward my response to whoever you wish. I stand behind what I say.


Jeff Baldwin